antibiotics over prescribed

Fecal Transplants And Bacteria

Fecal Transplants a medical advancement in gastrointestinal medicine! Ahem…WHAT! Patient’s are undergoing fecal transplants where the “good bacteria strains” in the guts of healthy

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wealth vase ingredients

Feng Shui Element Calculation

Feng Shui element calculation starts with first identifying the zodiac animal with your birth date. There will also be an element and kua number (1-9) that is attributed to your specific birthday and

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The art of happiness book

Key Of Attaining Happiness

Why Are We Here? What Is The Meaning Of Life? After a few alcoholic beverages, I am sure you have pondered those two questions. Unlocking them will essentially grant the key of attaining happiness. Mr.

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Last Lecture

Read Last Lecture Online With Audible

Dr. Randy Pausch, A Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) professor who delivered a last lecture online about achieving your childhood dreams. Dr. Pausch shares his life lessons with the online world. Hands

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will I become millionaire

When Will I Become a Millionaire ?

When will I become a millionaire? This book will teach you how to achieve that goal and gain a life of riches. Listen, I am as skeptical as the next person in this world. However, this book is the real

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Investing in stocks

Make Money Investing the Stock Market

Make money investing the stock market can be super rewarding but only if you have a few strategies under your belt. I love psychology and studying human behavior. Naturally when I came across this book

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online psychology books

Online Psychology Books With Audible Free

Online psychology books with audible are many, but this is written by Dr. Daniel Kahneman a renown cognitive psychologist who obtained the prestigious Nobel Prize award in 2002 for Economics. While you

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